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God Loves Uganda (2013)

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God Loves Uganda (2013)

Description of God Loves Uganda (2013) God Loves Republic of Uganda could be a docudrama made and directed by Roger Ross Williams that premiered at the 2013 Sundance festival. It examines the International House of Prayer’s efforts to unfold Christianity and to push the Republic of Uganda Anti Homosexuality Bill, including penalties of death for gays and dike.
Many reviewers represented themselves a visceral reaction to the documentary. Joe Mirabella at the Huffington Post represented it because the “most alarming film of the year” Tim Shanghai dialect at Slate and Bill Blezek at the Omaha World Herald represented the film as disturbing.
A powerful exploration of the evangelical campaign to infuse African culture with values foreign from America’s Christian Right. The film follows yank and Ugandan spiritual leaders fighting evil and missionaries attempting to persuade Ugandans to follow biblical law. For more detail God Loves Uganda (2013) at IMDB or Official site from God Loves Uganda (2013)

Credit Cast of Dead Inside (2011)

Title: God Loves Uganda (2013) (Traverse City Film Festival)
Director: Roger Ross Williams
Writers: Benjamin Gray, Richard Hankin, Roger Ross Williams

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